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Best of English Tea

As a country of tea drinkers we take our daily brew seriously. There are dozens of expert tea makers out there, taking the finest tea leaves and blending them to provide a huge variety of teas, from herbal and soothing to traditional Earl Grey. Everyone has their favourite flavour but there are plenty of great English teas that deserve to be experienced and enjoyed out there. We’ve looked past Typhoo and Tetley to discover some of England’s finest tea blends.

Brew Tea Company Earl Grey

This twist on a classic tea by the Brew Tea Company is a sweet and fruity affair. For a beautiful, tasty brew, the Ceylon Leaves are combined with orange peel, bergamot and calendula petals. One of the most popular styles of tea in England, traditionally served with lemon or a splash of milk, Brew Tea’s take on Earl Grey is also good news for those of us concerned about the environment, as it is ethically sourced as and both the packaging and the tea bags are fully plastic free.

We Are Tea peppermint leaf tea

Peppermint tea is soothing, and can help with digestion, but the tea available in cheap bags is often faded in taste. That’s definitely not the case with We Are Tea products. After picking, this peppermint leaf tea is slow-dried so it preserves its fresh taste. On the palate it’s clean and crisp so it’s no surprise that this tea has won three Great Taste Awards. Another bonus: The plastic-free tea bags. Made from corn starch and sealed using ultrasound, they are completely  biodegradable.

Storm Tea organic Assam tea

Healthy and full-bodied, this Storm Tea organic Assam tea makes a great cuppa. Hand-picked at the Bherjan farm in Assam, north-eastern India, the tea is best known for its malty flavour, which is due to  Assam’s intense moisture and strong monsoon season temperatures. A great present for a tea enthusiast, it is best enjoyed as a pick me-up in the middle of the morning.

Roqberry teas

Roqberry teas are just the thing if you’re looking for incredible blends of flavours. There are some unusual flavours available with Roqberry, including an eye-catching sushi and spice blend, but the more popular flavours include raspberry fondant and s’mores, which has more than a hint of marshmallow to its flavour. The innovative infusions of Roqberry are made from premium single source varieties including oolong, green and rooibos and are all packed into biodegradable tea bags.

London Tea Company vanilla chai tea

If you’re a fan of Christmas-evoking flavours and aromas, this is the one for you. The vanilla chai of the London Tea Company fills the house with amazing scent of cinnamon, coffee and cloves while their black tea provides the perfect backdrop to set off the flavours.

Good & Proper Tea Brockley breakfast tea

Brockley breakfast is a great morning tea, due to its full-bodied, hearty flavour. It was given its name due to the south London home of Good & Great Tea and is a mix of Kenyan, Assam and Ceylon black teas, finished with the floral notes of Darjeeling. This award-winning tea is ideally served with a dash of milk. It is available in both compostable tea bags and loose leaf tea.

Whittard jasmine green tea

A much-loved beverage maker, Whittard always offers consistency and naming just one of their teas is a tough task. They boast an outstanding selection of black, green, white, oolong and other teas, but the jasmine green tea is one of their finest. Grown in southern China, the tea is richly fragrant and light and is at its finest when enjoyed as an after-dinner palate cleaner.

Kanuka lemongrass and ginger tea

This Kanuka tea, calming and sweet, will chase away all of the winter colds in a heartbeat. Invigorating, with spice undertones, this tea is perfect drunk either hot or cold and by adding black pepper into the loose-leaf blend, Kanuka have given this tea a slightly spicy aftertaste. Kanuka, based in St Albans, specialise in loose leaf teas and exotic blends, and their products are sourced ethically from around the world to bring together the best combinations of flavours.


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